Granbury - Cooking Coach Specialist - Cooking Connection

Cooking Coach Specialists will be in charge of cooking demonstrations at the Cooking Connection. The Cooking Coach Specialist will report to the Cooking Connection Manager. This position requires mostly evening shifts and does involve weekends. Strong salesmanship skills are essential and excellent communication skills are a key factor due to the direct contact with customers.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Demonstrates dinner menus/recipes to create excitement around cooking at home and the overall enjoyment of food
Conducts cooking method and recipe preparation demonstrations and provides samples to customers
Provides customer assistance and education in meat/seafood selections
Lends advice to customers for menu development to create a meal
Informs customers about meat/seafood contribution to the diet
Preps products for use in demonstrations
Ability to explain meat/seafood preparation
Familiar with a wide range of cooking techniques and equipment
Ability to present information verbally to an audience with energy and enthusiasm
Knowledgeable about seasonings for meat/seafood
Strong public speaking skills with ability to simplify cooking and communicate cooking methods in easily understood terms
Computer skills (Windows) preferred
Excellent organizational and time management skills
Must be at least 18 years of age
Degree in Culinary Arts, Nutrition, Home Economics, or five years of other relevant food/cooking experience or combination preferred

Don't Be Fooled

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